Sometimes it’s really hard battling your inner feelings and what you think is right compared to what others think is right. For me that’s always a struggle, on bad days getting dressed I’m constantly struggling with the thought “oh but what are people going to think” I know it’s a silly thing to think meanwhile people are battling coming out the closet and being transgender but they’re not the only ones feeling some type of pain. We all suffer in life from the opinions of others and I don’t think anyone can quite understand that. I think people are quick to judge but when they’re being judged they hurt, I am extremely guilty of this but we can only learn as we get older. We live in an opinionated world and the only thing we can do is to learn to not take people’s harsh opinions into that much consideration. I’m talking about this mainly on my first blog post because it’s just some thoughts I had in mind and to also introduce myself. My names Natiana Naomi Espino as of right now I’m only 19 years old. I decided to become a fashion blogger about two years ago because I just needed an outlet to express myself through my style, I’ve been a little bit on and off with it because I’ve been going through a lot but I’m trying to stay on top of it better and become more efficient. I fashion blog because dressing up is what makes me extremely happy, especially dressing in what I want to wear makes me extremely happy, I’ve come a longgggg way so the least I deserve is to be able to wear whatever the hell I want. For me blogging is very emotional because you can look back at your outfits and you can see how you’ve evolved as a person. I think for me my personal style is extremely important and when people insult what I wear they insult who I am. I want my blog to be sort of inspiring to people that are going through inner struggles, people shouldn’t be shamed to be who they were born to be.


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