New Beginings

Finally starting my first actual fashion blog post on this new blog 😬😬😬. If you want to look at any previous outfits on my old blog feel free to and the website is but I must warn you the layout sucks lol. So today I went to Bronx zoo to activate my idnyc card for any of you who don’t know what it is it’s basically and alternative identification card and it has great benefits. For example today I got to go into the Bronx zoo and Bronx botanical garden for free so if you live in New York and love going to museums and stuff they offer free one year admission to places once you get the card and activate it. ❀️❀️❀️

So today I was wearing this amazing vintage dress I found on eBay, YESSSS ebay, you actually find really amazing vintage things there and for a good price considering all the crazy high prices vintage items are being sold nowadays. The dress was actually supposed to be a house dress but it was just too pretty and amazing to be worn as Pjs! ☺️ I wore that with my Vince Camuto gladiators, which are amazing and so comfy.

Started my day off in bronx zoo and boy was it hot, didn’t stop me from dressing up though.


If anyone hasn’t been to the bronx botanical garden or any botanical garden you should definitely go it’s so beautiful. Although I wish they still had the frida exhibit available but it ended last year. (my old blog has some photos of that exhibit)

I literally had too many photos so i just had to bunch them all together lol. But this is all I hope you guys enjoy my blog post and i promise this time I’ll definitely try and keep up with it!


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