Hey guys my name is Natiana Espino but people just call me by Nati. I created my blog to hear my own voice and others, when I was younger I had trouble establishing who I wanted to be and what was cool. I’ll never forget when I was in the 7th grade and someone literally made fun of me for wearing Oxford’s. Which I thought was hilarious because a year later  they became the “It” shoe to wear. Long story short little things like this made me feel unsure about what to wear and I was dressing to please others. It wasn’t until a few years later I stopped caring. It started with headbands and cardigans. You can ask anyone of my childhood friends and they’ll tell you I had a bow to match every single cardigan. The more I grew up and developed my own style the more people recognized me for it, and it made me feel extremely happy I realized that the little worries I had stopped me from living happily all my life. So the lesson basically here is be as colorful as you want to be, or as not colorful.Because what I have learned throughout my journey is that there’s nothing wrong with us but there is something wrong with how society chooses to view us, and it’s up to us with a voice to tell them how we feel. So wear what you want, be who you want, don’t live unhappy for anyone only live for yourself because you have your own heartbeat and your own chameleon soul ❤️