Rumbler’s Car Show 

I swear most my blogs are based from weekend outfits because during the day between now school and work I don’t have time to look cute 😭 but atleast I have weekends! With that being said this Saturday I went to the Rumblers annual car show at Coney Island, there wasn’t that many cars there this year so I didn’t stay that long but I got a chance to enjoy the Halloween stuff In coney islands theme park.

These are a few hot rods I loved ❤️ and matched my outfit 🙈

My dress and bag are from Tatyana boutique I got a great price for both at her flash sale 😉 and my yellow faux leather jacket is from Zara I accessorized myself with my old school gold name plate necklace and earrings I had ever since I was young 😊 my mom finalllyyyy let me wear them out so I’ve been using them alll week long lol. My monks (that are shown in other photos) are from goodwill on union square I scored them for 14.99 🙏🏻.

I really loved my outfit this weekend it put me in just the right Halloween spirit ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

“Everything is shit except you love” ❤️

Just another quick blog post to keep me up and running ❤️


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