Coney Island

The next day after DMC, we all went to Coney Island to chill out and enjoy the last days of summer. I haven’t been to Coney Island all summer and usually me and my family try to go there a lot more, something about that place literally makes me happy to go all out and dress up (which is exactly what I did 🙈).

Every time we go to coney everyone is always having a good time and dancing and it’s a great place to go to during the night if you’re looking to party with the natives here lol😂.


Family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (and deadpool and mickey turning up lol)


My dress I forgot the name of the designer who made it but it was another one of my golden finds at Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg,my sneakers are Keds they’re the most comfiest to go to sneakers ever and they look super cute with dresses of all kinds! My Specs are from if you dont already know about this website its amazzzingllyyyyy affordable for us blind people. I get all my glasses there for super cheap and mind you I’m extremely blind so I used to pay like 200 dollars for glasses, but on this website i spent 10 dollars on aviators with my prescripton in it. I’m so glad i discovered it lol.


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