Dead Mans Curve

So this weekend I had the pleasure of attending Dead Mans Curve, it’s one of the best car shows i’ve seen and if you love hot rods and always wanted to go to Viva Las Vegas car show its something similar to that, and its right nearby in jersey. They do this event every year and I’m happy my aunt invited me along.


The cars here were so Amazing! I fell in love with one that gave those leatherface vibes.

The arm rest was literally an arm Lol and the rear view mirror! I LOVEEEE IT.

This car deserved recognition as well the entire thing was covered in denim. so amazing and the car exterior was all actual denim material.


My Dress is from Tatyana Boutique and i scored it for such a good price at buffalo exchange! My shoes are from my job which is Urban Outfitters and the poodle purse is vintage.


During DMC there was a Pin Up competition and my fave baker home gurllll jocelyn won it! so happy to see her get credit for what an amazing girl she is.


Luscious Ladies Back at it again!!!!!!!!!!!


I was saying I never see lavender cars and right before we left what do I find? A lavender car Lol


So glad my aunt took me to this event, I’ll definitely be here again next year! Can’t wait for our next event to Harley davidson’s block party next weekend!


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