Pinafores and Real Friends

So I’ve been slacking on blog posts, so I literally had my best friend shoot photos of me outside real quick of what I was wearing the other day lollll.

So I just got my real friends hat in from the mail from kycvintage sometimes the shipping is a little bit too pricey so be warned 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 but other than that they have some super dope caps I think I’ll be getting a new one real soon. Obviously I had to get the real friends hat because my inner hype beast was in desperate need of it lol 😩

My pinafore I got from Buffalo Exchange on 26th street in the city, you’ll literally find the best items in this one and the buffalo exchange in williamsburg shopping in thrift shops basically requires knowing the neighborhood because if people aren’t that trendy you’re not going to find things you expect to find like people swear if they shop in thrift shops they’ll score vintage designer stuff, but that’s not how it works lol. For me i rather actually finding actual vintage pieces so finding this made my day. Dont get me wrong finding name brand stuff for cheap is amazing too, I found a dope pair of knitted Jordan Future’s for only 28 bucks in crossroads which is a block up from the buffalo exchange on 26th. (oh btw i bought this pinafore for like 10 bucks).


My Nikes are the air max 1 womens black history month collection and i loveeee themmm. One thing I love having in life is comfort so anytime I can get away with wearing sneakers I’ll do it lol.


That’s all for now folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. I’ll be editing my full deets on what I wear on my feet in sneaker diaries so stay tuned!


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