Blue But Never Blue

A few days after the amaazing Luscious Ladies event, my best booskie jackie visited me, and we hit the city. Before we hit the city we decided to take a stroll through astoria park, if you live in queens you probably spent most of your childhood there lol.

I was wearing my new tatyana boutique dress I found at Buffalo Exchange 🙈 I couldn’t resist it’s just so cute and comfy ❤️ I tied one of my infamous bandanas I got at my job urban outfitters and some cute Keds I got a while back that resembles a pair of brogues.

We went to explore the galleries underneath the high line, it’s basically my favorite thing to do. I love a good Russell young glitter portrait of Monroe or a glitter portrait of James dean ❤️❤️❤️. Also if you’re ever on the highline and need a good place to eat there’s this Amazing taco spot in Chelsea market that me and Jackie fell in love with 🙈.

And to the right is Jackie ❤️ she’s always a great person to hang out with and I’m in love with the photos I shot of her in one of the abstract galleries we stumbled upon. You guys can check that all out under my page dedicated to all my photos I take of my friends or you can also check it out on my visual Ig: @valiantexplorer (don’t judge the name tumblr made it for me) lol 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈


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