Before The Rain

So today I made it out to the Brooklyn botanical garden (what can I say I have a thing for nature) 🙈🙈🙈🙈. Also again I was able to come for free with the idnyc card it’s such a great thing to have especially for the summer when you’re bored and have nothing else to do. Which in our case is what happened lol. My mom was off today so I figured why not tag along and get her to take photos of me for my blog lol.

I wore this super cute jumper I got from my job the other day and I’m absolutely obsessed! Its from Urban Outfitters and it runs a bit big, i had to go two sizes down because I’m pretty short. I love things like this because i hate wearing tight fitting clothes in the summer which basically means culottes, dresses and jumpers are my life during the summer lol.Oh and my shoes I didn’t get a super cute photo of but they’re the puma fenty’s in the beige color, i love love love them they’re so comfy and they just go with everything.

 I love these gardens so much just because they’re basically like a vacation inside of a garden lolll. i didn’t get as many photos because it rained :(. So that’s all folks till next time!




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